Adventures in the Silver Marches

Session 4

Eleasis 6 (cont): The party visits all of the inns in Rivermoot. Monte scares a couple of merchants at the East Gate Inn before befriending some dwarves at the Frost Hills Inn.
Eleasis 7: The party meets with Sylra, leader of the town council, and agrees to guard a caravan heading to High Hold with the hope that they meet some bandits, follow them to their main camp, and report that location to the Argent Legion at Rauvinwatch Keep. The party speaks with the merchants (Garn and Tate). Lydia learns her spell, Tailin and Monte make a little money gambling. That night, Tailin wakes to find someone in his room. He chases him out and eventually catches him, stabbing him in the back. They turn him over to the town guard.
Eleasis 8: The party leaves Rivermoot, heading to High Hold.
Eleasis 9: The party is attacked by bandits.


Krismage Krismage

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