Adventures in the Silver Marches

Session 3

Elaesis 3: The party returns to the cultist’s cave, finding no one there. The burn everything except for the few things they take. They return to Winter Edge, there meeting Tailin the human rogue. They drink well that night, finding the dwarf gone in the morning.
Elaesis 4: The caravan run by the man Devin leaves that morning, traveling without incident.
Elaesis 5: A very hot day, the party gets attacked by a party of 6 bandits. They kill all of the bandits but one, taking that one captive.
Elaesis 6: The party reaches the small town of Rivermoot. The turn the captive over to the town constable, a gruff old dwarf named Thorus. The bandit is interrogated, but doesn’t give up any really valuable info. Lydia goes shopping for spells, meeting a strange old women who agrees to teach her the Alarm spell.


Krismage Krismage

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